Client Reviews


"The moose hunt I went on at Cinder River back in 2012 was perfect in every way. My dad & I each harvested monster moose, my brothers, who came up to fish, got to wear out their fly rods on silver salmon & dolly varden all week. After that trip, I immediately started looking forward to my next adventure up there. Not only did my 2015 brown bear hunt live up to the moose hunt, it more than surpassed it! From Nikki's pre-hunt assistance, to Clint's safe Super Cub flights, to Trina's food & hospitality at base camp, to Lance's strategic planning, to Mark's masterful guide work during the hunt, both of my trips with Freelance Outdoor Adventures left me with a lifetime of wonderful memories."- Craig Huff




“Lance is not only one of the very best hunting guides in the world, he and Nikki have created an outstanding outfitting organization with talented and experienced staff that are enjoyable to spend time with.  I have hunted moose, grizzly, and brown bear with them (so far).  Not only have these hunts been successful, but more importantly they have been some of the most memorable experiences of my life. Make no mistake about it, these are challenging hunts, both mentally and physically.  But isn’t the taste of success sweetest for those things most hard-earned?  If Alaska is on your bucket list, you have found the right outfitter.” - Greg Biddinger




"I am in the fortunate position to be able to hunt all over the world with all types of outfitters and my experience with Freelance were some of these best I had ever had. Lance and Nikki right from the start are very well organized and gave me a great understanding of my expectations of the hunt! Very quickly with them you move from just a client to feel like one of the family.. Their attention to detail before, during and after the hunt allowed me to focus on just the hunt itself. For me adding another level of filming our show Swarovski Optik Quests always adds  another whole new level of challenges but Lance handles it with professionalism that goes above and beyond! I would not hesitate to recommend a hunt with them, it truly will be an adventure of a lifetime." - Dean Capuano, Swarovski Optik North America





"In fall of 2015 I had the opportunity to hunt at the Cinder River Lodge.  It was an excellent experience with a very well ran organized lodge. Lance Kronberger our guide and Kai  (packer) worked very hard for to make sure that we had successful hunt. After three days of spike camps we were successful. In harvesting a 58.5” Bull Moose. I could not have been happier. From the welcome to camp, the beautiful scenery , excellent hunting, flights to and from the spike camp, and super fishing,  we were well catered to and I would recommend Lance Kronberger and Cinder River Lodge to All. Thanks for a great Moose Hunt.” - Thomas Davis- Meridian, CA


"Hunting with Lance and Nikki is a no brainer. If you love wet cold and miserable, there is not a better option than Freelance Outdoor Adventures. I love their money back guarantee on this promise. It speaks volumes to their commitment to help their clients reach the limits of what is physically and mentally possible. When you return home you will have a whole new perspective on life. Simply priceless. " - Jason Hairston, Founder of KUIU


"I have hunted and fished with Lance Kronberger and Freelance Outdoor Adventures for 20 years and have been on 30 plus hunting and fishing trips with Freelance, during that time. Though we have not always been successful in harvesting an animal,  I would consider every hunt a success due to the quality experience that has always been provided by Freelance. On the hunts where I have not harvested an animal it has never been due to a lack of planning, preparation or effort, by Freelance or any of their people. No one I have ever hunted with works harder, knows the game being hunted and the habitat they live in better, than Freelance. The Freelance commitment to excellence is as good as any I have ever been associated with in the hunting and fishing business. I hope I have another 20 years of hunts in my future with Freelance Outdoor Adventures." - Dan Burton, Utah


"Freelance Outfitters gets it done! Two previous archery grizzly trips with a different outfitter in western Alaska were a bust. On my hunt with Freelance Outfitters, we had multiple opportunities and took my bear about half way through the planned hunt. Could not have asked them to do more. Lance and his team will see that you have what you need in gear, are where you need to be and will do everything that they can to make your hunt a success, regardless of the animal you are pursuing." - Brian P. Benyo


"I've known Lance and Nikki since they were married and was honored to be a part of one of the inaugural fishing/ float trips as they first sunk their teeth into Alaska. I hunted with Lance as my guide in 2013 at the Cinder River camp and we literally got blown off the peninsula. He was gracious enough to make a spot for me in the Spring of 2014 and I harvested a 10-3 inch Brown Bear. Un real experience! All of that aside, these folks are the real deal. It's one thing to claim, "Christian", and another to be all that that implies and also incredibly skilled at what you do for a living. EVERYTHING down to the ninth degree is planned and re-planned; tooled and re-tooled so that folks like me and my family can have the hunting or fishing adventure of a life time. I am more than a client and they are more than a vendor; we are family. That's the way they serve it up!" - Jim Frith, Texas


"I have hunted with Lance at his Cinder River Lodge  on the Alaskan peninsula twice. In the fall of 2011 I shot a 9 1/2 foot brown bear with a huge record skull. In the fall of 2013 I shot a 69 1/2 inch Moose that scored 229". If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime on one of the most remote areas on earth then this is the place. The base camp is comfortable, the logistics are in place,the food is incredible,the guides are excellent, the terrain is rugged, the weather is inclement, and  the quality of animals is unsurpassed Follow Lance"s suggestions on the right gear list and be prepared both physically and mentally. If you do this I will guarantee that you will have the hunt of a lifetime. You cannot put a price tag on this type of hunt. If you are a serious big game hunter you won't find a better outfitter. Arguably  one of the best in all of Alaska. This guy is the real deal!" - Lou Genello 


"If Lance and Nikki are offering to be your outfitter or guide, for a big game hunt or fishing experience, I highly recommend you take their offer and prepare for a great adventure. I can personally attest to their attention to detail, professionalism, employee’s, gear/equipment and friendliness, being the best. Many of the hunts offered are for dangerous game or in an area where dangerous game exists. Your safety will be of their utmost concern. There are no negatives or exceptions, Lance, Nikki and Freelance Outdoor Adventures are in an elite group and considered one of the best. If you want to discuss my experience with them, just ask them for my phone number and I will be happy to talk with you." - Marty Herman 


"Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.  My moose hunt was everything that I had hoped for and the quality of the experience was absolutely the best.  Everything from the pilot to the guides to the cook to the coordination/organization to the quality of the equipment was top shelf.  The Alaskan experience out of the Cinder River Lodge on the Alaska peninsula was spectacular.  I saw wolves, bears, eagles and, of course, plenty of moose.  Mark, my guide, called a moose to within 15 yards of us but we passed on him because we knew we could do better.  One day we saw 12 moose, a total rush.  I will never forget the excitement of taking my first moose.  I hope others get the opportunity to enjoy the experience that you guys provide." - Jeff Jones


"My first hunt with Freelance was a fall bowhunt for brown bear at Cinder River on the Alaskan Peninsula. The weather was cold and rainy almost every day, and I did not shoot a bear.  But the experience was a great adventure, and I have since returned to hunt grizzly, moose and caribou with them. Lance and Nikki work very hard for their hunters. The logistics they manage are mind boggling. Hunting in Alaska is an incredible experience that often presents many challenges including uncomfortable weather and demanding terrain.  If you are prepared mentally and physically, you will have a unsurpassed experience. " - Randy Stewart


"Enthusiasm, energy, and location are the keys to a successful hunting trip and Lance and his crew have it all. Safety and communication are at the forefront of any hunting plan that they put together.  I was so convinced of that that I booked an archery moose hunt for 2015 and a grizzly hunt for 2016 shortly after our meeting at the 2015 Pope and Young convention. My guide made all the right decisions to allow me to take a great bull moose opening day. Thank you Lance and Nikki for the great adventure. See you soon for the grizzly hunt." - Tim Walters


“I have been fortunate to hunt with Lance and the Freelance Outdoor Adventure team on two occasions.  My brother and I drew Tok Management Area tags in 2005 and were both able to kill tremendous sheep and we were so impressed with Lance’s operation that we convinced our dad to apply with him and he drew a 14c tag in 2007 and we went back and had another great trip that ended with our dad killing a nice sheep.  You won’t find a more organized and hardworking outfitter to hunt with and on top of it, Lance and all the guides that work for him are extremely enjoyable to be around and I just hope to have another opportunity to hunt with them in the future.” - Scott Buckingham


"I was first hooked up with Lance by Ron Spomer after a long season of chasing whitetails. Ron told me that Lance was looking for a guy to film him and his clients for the upcoming spring grizzly season in Alaska. Well after probably 50 hours of phone calls, planning how to keep the gear charged off solar panels, and talking through weight restriction—I was on my way to Anchorage for spring bear season. Lance and I spent 45 days in a tent together and when it was all over, we had gone 6 for 6 on grizzlies with all 6 kill shots on camera. During that month and a half stretch I got to see what makes Lance the elite of his craft. Lance’s special combination of relentless will, outstanding infrastructure, and attention to detail make him the outfitter you can place complete trust in. Since that grizzly run, I have followed Lance to Tiberon with a camera and came back the next fall to film one of his mountain goat hunts in the beautiful Chugach Range. I filmed Lance and Johnny guide a hunter to his goat and then I had the opportunity to take one as well. It was the hardest hunt I have ever done in my life, but through it all Lance kept pushing me and that led me to getting my goat! Whether you are hunting with Lance or one of his long tenured guides, you are going to have the adventure of a lifetime while pursuing world class animals in God’s country. Making my living in the whitetail world I often get asked for recommendations for eastern guys looking to book the hunt of a lifetime out west. I generally don’t like to endorse people because you just never know, but when someone tells me they want to go to Alaska, I just smile and tell them to go with Lance." - Gaines Slade


"My Mom, Dad, James ( my twin ), myself, and maybe a few of my Dad’s friends would go fishing for a week or two in Alaska with Lance and his guides. We would go on a raft, while fishing on the river, all day. Then we would land somewhere on the river bank and would spend the night there. Each night we would pray, and have dinner or make flies. We would also fish on the river banks. My brother and I would always go exploring in the woods or do something other than just fish. It is a very enjoyable experience. FreeLance would make everything so easy, but not to easy to say this is boring. But easy enough to just enjoy yourself and relax. Lance and his guides are hilarious, fun to hangout with, and are REALLY good cooks as well. They have great gear and have very good insight of the land they bring their customers, too. I love going fishing with them and I can’t wait to start hunting with them as well. Can’t wait until summer to see them again!" - Catherine DeBlasio


"Ever since I was little, I enjoyed hunting. When I was 9, I got my first sheep – a Dall sheep – with Lance. When I was 10, with Lance as my guide, I got my Grand Slam. Over the years, I enjoyed hunting with Lance and his guides because they are very enjoyable, know so much about what they are doing and land, and make everything so much more fun. I also go fishing with Lance as well, which is also so much fun to do. On our grizzly bear hunt last year in 2015, I shot an excellent grizzly bear on the second day of the hunt. He was 7’ 9” not very big, but he charged at us at 25 yards. Hunting and fishing with Lance and his guides are one of the greatest things ever because they are so hilarious to be around and yet still serious about their job. Their job may be hard but they make it seem easy. I can’t wait to see Lance and his guides in June and July!" - James DeBlasio