Goat Hunts

We are now accepting applications for our goat hunts.  We hunt goat within the draw areas of the glacier-infested Chugach State Park and GMU 14C.  These goat hunts are conducted in some of the most rugged country Alaska has to offer.  Along with glaciers and steep rugged peaks, the Chugach valleys are choked with alders and devil’s club.  All of this makes for great goat habitat and very little hunting pressure.  We have a very healthy goat population and have run over 90% success on these hunts, harvesting many goat over 9 1/2”.   Since these goats are living in glacier country they usually have very good hair, even during early fall. 

We access these hunts via Super Cub, landing on the glaciers or the valley floor and then backpack to the location that we will set up our spike camp. Our goat hunts are some of the most physical we offer, but also some of the most rewarding. Hunting goat requires you to be in top physical and mental shape along with having top of the line gear. If you are looking for a goat hunt that will demand the best out of you and your gear, we have the hunt for you.