Grizzly Bear

In 2005 Freelance Outdoor Adventures acquired a Grizzly Bear area in Northwest Alaska. Since then we have been very successful in both our Spring and Fall hunts.

Spring Grizzly Hunt: These hunts are done in a backpack manner with us flying into remote ridge tops and then spiking out from there searching for the best bear we can find. The country is very open which lends us to do lots of glassing, sometimes at very far distances. 

This is the mating time for the bears and once a boar and sow are paired up they tend not to roam around a lot. Because of this mating behavior it allows us to glass bears on far ridges and still have enough time to close the distance. These hunts can be very physical and hunters will be required to carry 40lbs. plus their gun while hunting, and their pack will be even heavier once a bear is killed.

Fall Grizzly Hunt: These hunts take place during the month of September.  At this time the Grizzlies are finishing up chasing salmon and are starting to pull off into the berry patches on the open side hills.  Some of our camps are conducted in the same backpack manner as our spring Grizzly hunts with hunters needing to be in good physical condition.  We also conduct float trips where we fly into remote gravel bars or ridge tops and make our way down the river with a rubber raft.  Early in the hunt, hunters may have to walk the riverbanks as we drag the raft through many shallow spots until we pick up enough water to float the river.  We will do a lot of glassing from the river, along with doing some side hikes up on open ridges.  These hunts can be very physical as the bears can be anywhere from down on the river to the very top of the mountain ridges.  On the float hunts we camp along the river each night allowing us to have a little more gear than on our spring hunts.