The Cinder River Lodge


Cinder River Lodge Alaska is located about midway down the Alaska Peninsula in prime Brown Bear and Moose habitat. The Cinder River area has a reputation of great game populations, as well as producing tremendous trophies. With hard work and our crew of excellent guides and pilots we plan on keeping that reputation for many years to come. The Cinder River area is one of the largest along the Alaska Peninsula. It encompasses the full width, reaching from the Pacific Ocean to Bristol Bay.

A large portion of the area is located in our exclusive hunting concession of Aniakchak National Preserve.

Our lodge facility includes a comfortable hunter’s bunkhouse, shower house and main lodge with kitchen. Our bush equipped aircraft are based right at the lodge, to support the hunting operation. Each hunter is flown to a spike camp where he and his personal guide will hunt for the trophy desired. Camps are checked often and moved to fresh areas as needed, to assure hunters the best possible chances for a successful hunt and a quality trophy.

If you have thought about hunting for a Brown Bear or Moose, now may be the time to put that hunt together.

Cinder River Lodge offers 7-day summer and fall fishing excursions.  Our fish camps are located within our exclusive hunting concession area, which allows us to have the equipment and facilities for a world class fishing experience!