Moose Hunts

We offer Moose/Grizzly combo hunts.  We conduct these hunts in a variety of different settings.  We have a couple of high ridge spike camps that give us great vantage points to overlook big valleys that the grizzly bear and moose live in.  We also have a couple of remote rivers that offer the opportunity for us to use rubber rafts to float the river corridor in search of Grizzly and Moose.  Both of these hunts require hunters to be in very good physical condition as we will do a lot of walking to locate the desired animals.  The country is very open and allows us to glass long distances.  The moose are in the rut and the bear are trying to put on as much fat as possible before winter hibernation.  This combo hunt is one of the best Alaska hunting experiences for a hunter that can handle the physical and mental demands that Alaska can throw you at anytime!

Once a moose is harvested a plan is derived to figure out the most effective way to get all the meat, cape and horns back to Unalakleet.  Once in Unalakleet, the horns and cape are prepared for transportation to an expeditor in Anchorage.  Hunters are allowed to take the backstraps and tenderloins with them while the rest of the meat is donated to the local villages.